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To sell your home, you need to know all the handbook tricks and use them wisely. It’s not enough to clean up your property and call it a job well done. The real estate market has become an incredibly competitive field. Making sure that yours is in the best condition possible will get you far. Although making your rental property stand out isn’t easy, it’s achievable. Let’s go through 5 tips that are bound to help you. 

1. Hire the best of the best to make your rental property stand out

One of the most important things when trying to make your rental property stand out is to be surrounded by the right people that’ll enable you to do so. You need to find professionals that will offer selling property services like no other company out there. Depending on your living area popularity, you might need to dig a little deeper to find such people. However, when you do, it’s all worth it.

One of the best ways to hire the right people that’ll help you make a rental property stand out is by asking your friends for recommendations.
Two friends talking.

Here’s some advice to speed up the search process:

  • Ask around
    In this digital age, we’ve become somewhat cut off from one another. We explore our options only by surfing the net without looking right in front of us. Asking your colleagues, friends, relatives, or even acquaintances is a great start.
  • Go through some reviews
    Once you’ve got a rough idea about who you want to hire, you need to further vet this company. Going through the reviews that people who previously hired them have left is your best bet. Try to look at the whole picture instead of looking for a seemingly perfect grade.
  • Follow your instincts
    Okay, so you’ve found your company and made sure that they’re eligible enough to guide you through this. However, how can you be really sure that they should help you make the rental property stand out? Simple. Set up a meeting, prepare some questions, and use your brain as well as your gut. Trust that you’ve done enough, and don’t let your spirit be crushed.

2. You have to give to get

If you’ve come here looking for some secret recipe for making your rental property stand out, we’re sorry to disappoint. Of course, there are always tips and tricks that could help push you in the right direction. Nonetheless, without agreeing to give this your full potential as well as time, money, and energy, you’ll end up making your rental property a pretty mediocre place. This isn’t necessarily the worst thing you can do, but it isn’t the best one either.

One thing to do is remodel the areas that need a bit of freshening up. If you want to set up a renovation that goes smoothly, there’s no room for unprofessionalism. It is vital to surround yourself with the right people, invest in quality instead of quantity, and be present and aware. There’ll surely be days when you won’t have the energy to deal with all the hassle. Those usually turn out to be the most important ones.

Making your rental property stand out requires more hard work than you think.
A sign that says “work harder” implying that making your rental property stand out is quite hard.

3. Making your rental property stand out by using the market’s tricks to your favor

Knowing what people want, makes it easy to deceive them. This is precisely why the real estate market has been able to pull some pretty deceptive tricks that make people interested in renting or even purchasing a property. Researching your neighborhood’s properties for lease will give you an inevitable advantage. Once you get the hang of what’s expected from a desirable estate, the ball will be in your court. 

  • Offer something fresh
    Even if your property matches the gold standard in your neighborhood, don’t stop there. You need to go above and beyond to make a difference. Show your possible tenants your home’s real potential.
  • Get on everyone’s radar
    One of the best ways to expand your target clientele is to make your home a marketing revelation. Nowadays, it’s all about being seen and heard. The best way to do so is through social networks. Make professional photographs get a gripping, unique, and terse message across that’ll pique people’s interests.
  • Think about your target clientele
    If families are your primary clientele, don’t try to sell perfection. Make sure that they feel at home the second that they walk into your rental property. Screening potential tenants isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, if you’ve hired the right people, it shouldn’t be too hard.
Having your rental property stand out means nothing if you don’t market it well.
A sign for a rental property that’s made to stand out by being marketed.

4. The devil lies in the details

Sweating the small stuff surely doesn’t sound like something you want to do. However, if you genuinely wish to elevate your rental property and make it stand out, you should consider it. Offering something that no one else is will not only amp up your rental property but also raise its market value significantly. Add-ons might sound tacky and lacking quality, but they’re just another way to give the people what they want while looking for their future home – to feel pampered and luxurious.

5. The curb appeal makes all the difference

People notice the vibe and the overall appeal of the home as a part of the first impression. If there’s one thing to pay special attention to, it’s its curb appeal. Your home’s exterior is the first thing your potential tenants will notice. Make sure that it’s impeccable. Luckily for you, this doesn’t have to extrude too much of your energy nor your budget. Painting your facade, adding cozy lights to your front porch, or pruning your bushes could set the tone for what to expect once you come inside.

There are several things you should focus on when making your rental property stand out. Exterior and renovation of problematic areas is a must. But also, don’t underestimate the power of working with the right real estate agent and marketing. And success is guaranteed.

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