Are you planning to purchase or sell your property in Castle Hill? Do you need a good and reliable real estate agent? Are you worried that you will not find the right one for you? In this blog, we will discuss a few points that you should take careful consideration into, while choosing the right agent.

1.Local expertise

According to studies conducted by GFK (Gesellschaft Fur Konsumforschung) around 58% of Australians purchase their homes within 5 km of their current home radius. While 91% of them looks to invest in a home that is within 40 km radius of their current home. The reason for using this statistics is quite simple. Choose an agent that has in-depth knowledge of the local area and neighborhood.

Your agent should be aware of the upcoming events and constructions, specialty and heritage of the particular area that will help them add value to your property and help it sell at a better price towards the prospective clients. Because let’s admit it, your property is not the only one that will be in the offerings. There will be other properties on contention to be sold too. The competitors as well as the buyers will be fully informed about the market and a poorly informed agent will make the matter worse for you.

2.Fully aware of the market

Generally, agents have access to a wealth of property and market data such as institutions, transportation facilities, demographics and the kind of buyers searching for home in that locality.

These data can help them gain information and stay informed about the situation around the locality and the market. When selling a property, these knowledge can be invaluable as it will help them fix the right time and price for your property. A real estate agency in Castle Hill should be fully aware of the market data to help facilitate the price and selling of your house quickly and profitably.

3.Can instantly make you comfortable

Even though you are dealing with professionals, it is important to feel comfortable with your agent. Both you and your agent needs to be very honest during the selling process and so you need to ensure that you feel comfortable with your agent to maintain an open and honest communication.

If you cannot open up to your agent comfortably, it will be difficult to discuss your needs and wants. Poor communication will eventually, result in an unsatisfying outcome and a poor deal.

4.Innovative promotional strategies

We are living in an era where promotion and advertisements are must. Visual inspection is one of the best ways to provide a clear picture about the properties that are up for sale. This includes photography and professional videos.

You should ask your agent to use video options in your marketing packages to help [provide an edge against the other competitors who are also planning to sell their properties.

Good pictures and videos will help showcase the unique features of your house and properties to attract potential buyers easily and increase the chances of sale.

5.Referrals matter a lot

Despite the fact that it has become easier to search for homes due to the advancements in technology, your real-estate agency in Castle Hill is still operated by human that are susceptible to mistakes. It is best to collect referrals from their clients before deciding on the one that is reliable and suitable to your needs.

There is nothing bigger than receiving compliments from a past client. Talk to other homeowners who are aware of the real estate and are willing to recommend them to you. If you want to purchase or sell a property in a locality, there will always be local experts available in that area.

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