Sydney is a huge, metropolitan city, and as such, it is usually not thought of as family-friendly. While it cannot be denied that buying a house in Sydney will be one pricey endeavor, this city might have just what your family needs for a happy life. There are plenty of good neighborhoods in Sydney for families, and it is just a matter of carefully choosing the one for you. And, if you don`t feel like making all of the decisions by yourself, hire a real estate agent and turn house-hunting into an enjoyable experience.







Is there anything not to like about living in Sydney?

North Sydney takes the prize as being one of the most Expensive Neighborhoods in Sydney for Families

The housing prices in North Sydney are not for the faint-hearted. It cannot be denied that a hefty monthly budget is a must for a comfortable life in this neighborhood. However, if you can afford to live in it, you are sure to get your money`s worth. There is an abundance of premier schools in this area, so you would be living in a good school district. We all know how important the education of your children is. Although, it would be good to warn you that the tuition prices here resemble the housing prices. The elite education your child will receive will cost a lot of money, so be prepared.

Don`t despair just yet about the steep prices, as those who seek can always find a way. Have you given downsizing a thought? If you live in a spacious house, perhaps you could sell that one and buy a smaller one to fit your budget? This is the best way to get your finances in order and afford to live in North Sydney. And, if you are worried about the lack of space, don`t be. You can always find a suitable storage solution for you, and have a safe place for your belongings. Didn`t we tell you that everything can work out in your favor?

For close proximity to the heart of the city, choose Balmain

One of the biggest advantages of living in Balmain is the fact that you are so close to the city. In a way, you get the best of both worlds, as you are situated away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, and yet so close to all the benefits such a city has to offer. Besides, there is much more to be gained by living here than a favorable geographical position. Balmain has some of the best:

  • Public parks, like Elkington Park;
  • Quality public schools, and it is known by now that this is a prerequisite the best neighborhoods in Sydney for families must have;
  • Entertainment venues, which serve to ensure that none of your family members are ever bored.

What`s important to say is that living in Balmain won`t break the bank. Sure, there are other neighborhoods that are cheaper, but they do not offer the same advantages Balmain does. Don`t wait, go online and look for the properties for sale or lease in Balmain. Your family will be grateful you did so!







Mesmerizing parks are a staple of the best neighborhoods in Sydney for families!

For beach-Loving Families, Cronulla is the Right Place

There is nothing more Australian than a fun, sunny day at the beach, spent together with your friends and family. If that type of lifestyle is what you are looking for, you have found your perfect place. Cronulla is located along a series of beautiful beaches. What`s interesting is the fact that the downtown is still easily accessible, as it is only 30 kilometers away. Even though this might seem like a fairly tiresome commute, it is not. The good and punctual public transportation system makes this a pleasurable commute. If you are not living in Australia but like this way of life, why don`t you give moving to Cronulla a thought? All you need to do is get appropriate assistance for your move to another country and find a house that is suitable for your family. Luckily, in a place such as Cronulla, you won`t have any troubles finding one.

The Most Popular Suburb for Families is West Hoxton

There is a good reason West Hoxton has been named as the best suburb for families in Sydney according to the latest research. A lot of it has to do with the median house price. If you wish to buy a home in West Hoxton, expect to pay around 893,273 dollars. While this does seem like an incredible amount of money, believe it or not, it is still below the city-wide median price. In Sydney, the median house price is 1,000,000 dollars, which is truly a staggering number. So, when you think about it, it turns out that West Hoxton is actually on the affordable side.

Another thing that might persuade you to buy a home in this neighborhood is the fact that 80 percent of households here have at least one child. That`s right, you would be in good company. Why not make a few friends while living in one of the best neighborhoods in Sydney for families?







Finding a family in West Hoxton that doesn`t have at least one child will be next to impossible.

Are you Looking for Something Hip and Trendy?

Then look no further than the bohemian Newtown. Newtown is favorite among young adults and university students, there is no doubt about that. However, we here at Vogue Real Estate can only see that as a good thing. If you are a young parent yourself, moving here means you would still be able to have a social life, while raising a family. That is the definition of a rich and satisfying life. Besides, Newtown is one of the best neighborhoods in Sydney for families, as it has loads of quality schools and public parks. The youthfulness and the liveliness of this neighborhood cannot hurt your kids, on the contrary. They would get a chance to grow up among young, creative and innovative people, which will definitely teach them how to be successful individuals themselves.

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