Selling home for the first time all by yourself can be a stressful experience. You have to constantly juggle the pressure of finding a suitable home at the right price as well as finding a potential buyer at the right time. Selling a home is all about maximising the profit potential and is quite different from purchasing one, the latter involves emotions and feelings. Here are some tips that can help a first-time seller maximise their profit when selling a home.

Real Estate Agency Tips #1: Accurate pricing

In order to sell a house, you need to price them accurately. For that you need to associate yourself with a reputed professional real estate agency in your Castle Hill neighbourhood. You will get a better result if you pick an experienced agency that sells a fair number of listings and that too preferably in your locality.

Your hired agent will analyse comparable sales and prepare an estimated value known as comparative market analysis (CMA). Due to their profound knowledge and experience in this filed, they will be able to offer you with a more accurate opinion of value.

Real Estate Agency Tips #2: Home improvement

Before selling a house, it is essential to prepare it well enough for the buyers to stay interested. Removing certain furniture, paint jobs to make it look fresh and new and damages and dings in the woodwork and walls may reflect a home with deferred maintenance. All these small but conspicuous things can easily ruin the image of your home and turn the potential buyers away. An experienced and professional real estate agency in Castle Hill will be able to guide you forward with the best maintenance advices to help you sell the house at the right price and time.

Real Estate Agency Tips #3: Home showings

Home showing is one of the best ways to help a potential buyer make up their mind about purchasing your home. You need to be flexible with the exhibition. If you find this process annoying, you could go away from your home for the first weekend while it is on the market. It might be a bit invasive to allow strangers to tour through your houses and check-out all your private spaces however, this is the best way to sell your home and confirm the best value. You can opt to stay out of the house when your buyer’s agent shows up to check your home. Whatever you speak will and can be used against you.

Real Estate Agency Tips #4: Professional Photography

Before listing your house on the local directory, it is best to discuss with your real estate agency to hire professional photographers to take some amazing photos that easily grabs the attention of the buyers and motivates them to inspect the house. When you are working with a top-notch listing agent, you agent will provide professional photos. However, a quality photographer can add the right mix, colour and angle to photos with rich colour and depth to tempt the customers to perceive the home as elegant and classy and worth the value asked for. A virtual approval is the initial step towards communication.

Real Estate Agency Tips #5: Listing accuracy

Once your home is listed in all the websites, you should inspect them to make sure all the information provided are accurate. Although, the agency will try to portray as much accurate information as possible however, it is your home and so you should know more about all the minor and major details on each nook and corner that might be present at your home. Immediately contact your real estate agency in Castlehill and ask to include or skip information.

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Renter’s guide 2019

If you are renting, you probably know that is a battle that never stops. You are always in search of a nicer place to live under better conditions. And the most common question is ‘how much do you pay?’. You have overheard that question probably a million times at dinner parties, on dates, and at work. Our monthly rent is something that always occupies us. Beside the endless search for lower rent, renters also have to deal with the fear of eviction and price increaseBut although rents seem to rise higher and higher each year, there is always a way to find a good deal. For this purpose, we have made renter’s guide 2019, so follow these steps on your way to a better renting experience. 

Searching for a place  

Searching for a place to rent can be quite a challenge, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Since that is time-consuming and exhausting process, you need to make a plan and make sure you are managing your time wisely. Also, a good idea is to ask someone with experience for advice. Longtime renters know approximately what to look for and where to look for it, as well as the price range.  

Determine your budget 

First things first – figure out what the amount you would be able to spend on renting costs on a monthly basis is. When calculating this, have in mind that you should always leave some money for unforeseen circumstances, because they do happen. A lot. Additionally, you will probably have to put down a security deposit and an application fee. So, keep that in mind and plan ahead.  

Go through listings of properties for lease and compare prices
Go through listings of properties for lease and compare prices

Pick a neighbourhood 

Although you certainly have some preferences already, our advice is to pick a neighbourhood close to where you workBecause at rush-hour, it can take much more time to drive back homeAnd you can use this time in better ways, right? Your commute can affect your daily life and free time big timeAnd before you decide, go through listings of properties for lease, compare prices and make a selection of places or neighbourhoods you can afford.  

Play it smart 

Some researches show that renters are likely to find better deals during the fall and winter months when fewer people are moving. One of the tips from our renter’s guide is to, if you have that possibility, wait for the fall.  

Manage your expectations 

Depending on the area you are looking for, apartment hunting can be pretty intense because of stiff competition. If you are looking for a neighbourhood with apartments or houses in short supply, bidding can become a war. Sometimes, renters even choose to pay more than the listed price, in order to get the place they want. But, unless you want specifically that one place in that neighbourhood, there is really no reason for you to pay more. There are plenty of neighbourhoods with affordable prices, so maybe it would be better to skip.   

The best way to explore the places for rent is on foot
The best way to explore the places for rent is on foot

Find a house or apartment that suits you 

Exploring neighbourhoods on foot is definitely the best way to do that, if you have a chanceLandlords often like to rent to locals, so you can stumble upon a property that is not listed onlineThe second-best resource is certainly the internet and you will get the best results by using both. Look for reliable listing sites for rentals, and start making a list of properties that interest you. If you want to be on the safe side, you can always hire a professional real estate agency to help you out.  

See it with your own eyes, if you have a chance 

Once you find the property you like, contact the landlord or your realtor and ask to set up a time to view it. Seeing the place for yourself is key to ensuring you will not get scammed or deceived by an online listing. In case you are searching for a property from elsewhere and you don’t have a chance to visit, ask a friend or real estate agent to do that for you.  

Don’t wait too long to apply 

Don’t wait too long to apply – better submit an application form as soon as possibleEspecially if the market is tight in the chosen area, landing your dream apartment can come down to being the first one to apply. When you start filling the application, have key pieces of information handy. 

After you sign the lease 

Most likely, a landlord will require a deposit at the lease-signing. The deposit can range from some small amount to two months’ rentdepending on the landlord or the deal they have with the real estate agency. Have in mind that every deposit should be refundable. However, some landlords will try to find reasons not to refund part or all of the deposit, and that is why it is very important to know your rightsIf you are not sure about that, check out the Tenancy Union website to get more information. They usually justify it with cleaning or wear-and-tear, but if you clean the place yourself and there is no damage, you shouldn’t accept it.  

A few personal details are enough to make the new place feel like home
A few personal details are enough to make the new place feel like home

Renter’s guide 2019  

Once all this is behind you, it’s time to relax and adjust. Keep in mind that a few personal details will make the new place feel like homeDisplay few photos, put your books on shelves and cover your bed with your favourite sheets. Take a walk through the neighbourhood and introduce yourself to your new neighbours. In the blink of an eye, you will have your favourite coffee shop and restaurant. People will start saying hi, and you will know you are finally home. We hope our renter’s guide has helped you and that you will enjoy the new chapter of your life! 

No matter how hard you try to prepare yourself for the upcoming changes, leaving your old home and moving to a new one will still be an overwhelming experience. Whatever your reason might be for relocating to a new place, remember there’s nothing wrong with feeling sad or anxious. The change is inevitable and you can’t control it. But, what you can do is take charge of that change and create something beautiful out of it. Instead of feeling down, do your best and adapt to your new life after moving. Be ready for the endless possibilities that you’re about to encounter. Here’s how!

Get your bearings 

People in your surroundings will probably tell you to start exploring the new neighbourhood as soon as you relocate. But, even though adjusting to new home is important, do it at your own pace. Don’t rush things just because someone told you to explore your new city right after you move. Instead, take a few days to set up your new living space properly so that it really does feel like your home. 

Relax and take a break from your relocation before you start organizing your new home.
Relax and take a break from your relocation before you start organising your new home.

Ideally, start unpacking as soon as you move to one of the Vogue Real Estate homes. Even before you set up your kitchen or your living room, unpack the pieces of furniture and wall hangings that will make you feel more settled and comfortable. After this, unpack the rest of your moving boxes. Getting the help of a friend and listening to music while unpacking will make you feel good in your new home and will also make this boring task fun! 

Don’t forget about security! Make sure your house has a working alarm system. In case it doesn’t work, or if it isn’t installed, buy one immediately. A home can be the place where you feel safe and secure only if there’s a working alarm system installed. 

Make your new place feel like home 

In order to adapt to your new life after the relocation, you’ll have to make some changes to your house. Whether you own your new place or not, it’s important to make it more personal. If you don’t believe us, check out property styling tips from Home & Design experts and learn from the best.  

Don’t get us wrong – we’re not telling you to spend even more on your house immediately after you’ve moved. Instead of buying different expensive items, you can make your new place feel like home with cheap and simple tricks. Remember, even the slightest change in your home can make a big difference! Here’s what you can do for adding a personal touch to your home: 

  • Freshen up walls – whether you’ve moved to a new or old home, repaint those walls! Choose the colour that makes you feel relaxed. Opt for lighter coloured walls in order to make your room feel airy and bigger. 
  • Add a pinch of colour – a room that’s all white feels cold and impersonal. By adding a pinch of colour you’ll be able to create a cozier vibe. Therefore, paint one wall bold colour. Hang your art pieces. Add pillows, blankets, and rugs to break the monotony in your home. 
  • Go green – there’s no such thing as having too many plants in your home! Indoor plants act both as a decorating tool and tool for making the environment better.  
  • Create a cozy space – at the end of the day, you’ll want to have a place where you can relax and leave the worries behind. Create this kind of place for yourself. 
After the move, you’ll finally get the chance to make your home look like your dream house!
After the move, you’ll finally get the chance to make your home look like your dream house!

If you have found out that there isn’t enough room for all of your belongings, fret not! There are many different storing options at your disposal that can solve your problem. All you have to do is find the one that suits your needs most.

Step out of the comfort zone and adapt to your new life

When you feel ready, step outside and start exploring your new neighbourhood! Even if you have moved just a few blocks away, you’ll have to learn where to find the cheapest grocery store or the best restaurant. This might be very challenging for all of you who have moved to different cities, or countries. But don’t let it frighten you. Instead, embrace the excitement that comes with different surroundings and begin your new adventure. Don’t forget to start saving money for life after the relocation as soon as you learn the final cost of your relocation project 

Say yes to opportunities 

Relocation comes with new opportunities and challenges. One of the best ways to adapt to your new life is to prepare yourself for them! Whether it’s a job opportunity or the chance of meeting interesting people and learning about different cultures, say yes!  

Meet new friends, but keep in touch with old ones 

Everyone knows that if you want to adapt to your new life after the relocation, you’ll need to meet new people. They can help you adjust to the new environment without having to deal with different problems along the way. Meet as many neighbours as you can. Even if you don’t like some of them, be polite and you won’t have to deal with neighbourhood disputes in the near future. And one more thing – make new friends, but don’t forget about your old ones! Keep in touch with them because those are the people who will be by your side at any cost.  

Whether you’re moving to a different neighborhood or city, do whatever it takes to stay in your best friends’ lives!
Whether you’re moving to a different neighborhood or city, do whatever it takes to stay in your best friends’ lives!

In the end, it’s very important to have positive thoughts about your relocation. Make the fear and stress go away! With the right mindset and your loved ones, you will manage to adapt to your new life with no difficulties whatsoever! 

Have you ever thought to invest in property as a non-resident? In recent years, the Australian residential property market has been a very popular destination for foreign investors, particularly American buyers. This hardly a surprise if you consider the economy. Australia’s economic stability in combination with a good property market free of speculation has made the land down under a safe choice for investors.

Interestingly, many Australian residents who hold temporary or permanent visas don’t even realize they can qualify for a home loan. Hence, they are missing out on the benefits of the Australian real estate market.

Australia calling

Moving long distance is always a big challenge, and moving to another country is a whole new level of different. It’s scary because it is out of our comfort zone, but that is where magic happens. Furthermore, many US residents are planning to relocate to Australia and to invest in property as non-residents. They are attracted by its amazing economy, great job opportunities and nice weather. And all of that comes without a language barrier, which is a win-win situation. If you are having these thoughts, you first need to find international moving experts in your area in order to have a stress-free moving experience.

Before you hit the road, make sure to do a big research on the local real estate market and find temporary accommodation in order to stay there before you buy your own property. There are plenty of regulations when you are moving to another country, so better hire high-quality moving experts and leave the bureaucracy to them.

Australia is very popular for its economic stability

Stability is key

There are many reasons why more and more people invest in property as non-residents. The main reason is the stability of the market, which Australia has, among other factors.

  • Amazingly, around 70% of Australian households are homeowners, so there is not much space for speculation.
  • There has been a consistent undersupply of housing in all larger cities.
  • This country has responsible lending legislation and prudent economic management via the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), reducing the risk of asset price bubbles.
  • Most importantly, Australia has never seen prices fall more than 20% in one year.
  • Overseas property markets such as Hong Kong or the United States have suffered significant crashes, but Australia has never experienced one.

How can I invest in property as a non-resident?

Most noteworthy, foreign investors are not allowed to buy existing homes, but they can buy new properties without a problem. This includes both off-the-plan apartments and vacant land. For example, if you’re a non-resident foreigner and you want to buy residential property in Australia, you will first need to obtain approval from FIRB. You can easily apply for that approval online. Although there is no limit to the number of new properties you can purchase, you will probably need to apply for approval before each purchase.

According to FIRB, a new property must be built on residential land. Additionally, it must not have been previously sold as a residence and must meet some other requirements.

  • It must not have been previously occupied.
  • If the property was part of a development and sold by the developer, it should not have been previously occupied for more than 12 months.
  • In case you want to buy vacant land for development, the development must be completed within four years of approval.
Do a good research on a property, especially if you are planning to live there yourself

The FIRB application

Before you apply for approval, it’s always a great idea to get some legal advice to make sure you understand and agree with all the necessary legal requirements. Then, you just follow the steps to apply for foreign investment approval.

  • Visit the FIRB website and apply.
  • Then, follow the link to the Australian Taxation Office’s foreign investment application form.
  • The third step is to fill out the application form with your personal details and any previous FIRB application reference numbers.
  • Provide the exact address and details of the property you wish to buy.
  • Carefully read and sign the declaration.
  • Then, submit the application and pay the required fees.
  • You will get an answer probably within 40 days.
  • Before applying for a home loan, you should obtain this approval from the FIRB.

Determine your budget

Before even thinking of buying a property abroad and moving, you need to know your budget. Hence, work out how much you can afford and stick to your financial plan. And remember, when you require a mortgage, you will generally need a deposit of at least 10% of the property’s value. Check your credit score and make sure you are prepared for that.

Research the area

Before you pack your things, make sure to research the areas you are interested in. Check properties and their prices in order to ensure that they are affordable. You will also need to inform yourself properly about the fees and other repayments to invest in property as a non-resident.

Moving abroad makes you see your life from a different perspective

Choose the property that best suits your needs

This is especially important if you are going to live there yourself, but in any case, you want to know what you are investing in. Saying goodbye to Brooklyn and hello to some foreign country is a bold move and a whole new chapter of your life. But change is usually a good thing, because it makes you see the things from another perspective. And fresh perspective is sometimes exactly what you need.

For overseas buyers who are not planning to live on the property in question, it is more important to focus on the value and possible return profit.

Let the conveyancing process begin!

Engage a local real estate agent and make an offer. Once it has been accepted, you will need to consult an attorney who will begin the process of transferring the property into your name. And that is about it – you can pick up the keys and enjoy. To invest in property as a non-resident is never and easy job but, at the end of the day, it’s worth it!

The relocation process becomes more stressful when you have to shift to a new city or country. By trying to find a suitable property in a new place and without professional assistance, you could end up making costly mistakes. To make the right decisions, you need to hire reliable and trusted relocation services. Relocation agents do everything possible to help at every stage of a move – from helping you buy a new property and providing the perfect rental property to settling you in. Relocation specialists offer personalized and comprehensive assistance to match your specific needs.

Experienced agents focus on managing every minute detail involved in relocating, so you can stay focused on your day-to-day schedule. Here are the top 6 things an experienced relocation agent does to help you relocate in a hassle-free manner.

In-Depth Planning Session to Map Your Needs

When relocating to a new place, every individual has different needs based on what their budget is, family size and where they are moving. Relocation agents conduct detailed planning sessions, where they not only map your requirements and needs but also explain every single facet of the relocating process. After figuring out your property search criteria, overall budget, needs and preferences, they tailor the most suitable package for you.

Taking Care of Every Minute Detail

Experienced relocation agents have extensive knowledge about the real estate market and they keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry. They are fully trained to ensure your relocation goes off in a hassle-free manner. When you hire relocation services in Baulkham hills, everything is taken care of by certified agents, so that you can just sit back and relax. Relocation experts have rich expertise to manage everything for you – from preparing a moving plan, finding suitable properties and price negotiations to hassle-free buying, post-move formalities and full assistance in legal matters.

Complete Support and Assistance in Property Searching and Buying

Whether you have relocated several times or doing it for the first time, you will definitely have a lot of doubts in your mind. Relocating to a new city or country becomes all the more difficult because finding and buying a suitable property in a new place is not a walk in the park. When you do not have proper knowledge about the local real estate market, the relocation process becomes all the more stressful. You need to hire reputed relocation services to make the entire process simple and hassle-free. Relocation agents conduct detailed market research and comparative market analysis to provide you with property options that match your needs, preferences and property search criteria. They offer you a database loaded with photos and videos of the vacancies available. Highly experienced agents offer full assistance throughout the entire buying process – from price negotiation and legal documentation to settlement.

Conducting Property Inspections

By neglecting pre-purchase building inspection, you could end up spending a huge amount of money on costly repairs. Experienced relocation agents have extensive contacts and they can find you the right people for conducting a pre-purchase building inspection. They can help you conduct property inspections in a bid to check the structural soundness of a building, to identify unsafe areas, if any and to figure out whether any repair work is needed before you make the purchase.

Help You to Negotiate

Relocation experts work in tandem with buyer’s agents in order to help you buy the most suitable property at the right price. Highly experienced professionals conduct in-depth comparative market analysis so that you don’t overpay for a property, which can be attained at a lower price. Relocation agents not only have extensive knowledge about the local market but also have access to multiple listing systems. They not only find the most suitable vacancies but also provide all the data required to negotiate a deal.

Managing All Legal Paperwork and Documentation

When relocating and buying a property in a new city or country, all the legal documentation and paperwork needs to be handled in an efficient manner. You could face unnecessary delays if the paperwork is not correctly managed. But when you hire reputed relocation services, you have nothing to worry about as experienced agents offer complete legal assistance during the relocation process. They pay special attention to every minute detail and offer full assistance in completing all the paperwork in a hassle-free manner.

The above-mentioned factors make it very clear why you need to hire relocation services. Planning a move? Relocating to a new locality? Whether you are moving across cities, states, and suburbs, Vogue Real Estate can find the best property for you. We facilitate a smooth transition for individuals, couples and families to their new location. No matter what your preferences are, we are adept at supporting our clients through every stage of the relocation process.

Not all properties are good investments neither do every property investment management results in profitable ventures. So how do you make the right kind of investments that will increase the chances of greater profits? It comes down to these four personal attributes:

Successful property investment requires greater knowledge

In order to become a successful investor, you need to invest time in obtaining the right kind of information that will help you take smart decisions confidently. There are plenty of books, articles and investment news that can be collected online. You can read property investing books, blogs and websites, autobiographies and success and failure stories of top real estate firms. You should also stay updated with the latest changes in policies and economic conditions to make key decisions that will impact positively.

Remember, education and knowledge is the key to your success. It lays all the foundation for smarter and more informed decision making skills.

Successful property investment requires commitment to updating your goals

Do you want to invest in properties smartly? Then you should schedule the time to review your property goals every monthly or quarterly period and check in with your current investments. You need to find out whether you are being competitive in the market and can outmatch your competitors. You cannot afford to buy a property with a long-term goal before completely forgetting about the maintenance and required investments. If you want to make successful property investment management decisions then a proactive approach and regular property assessment are essential.

Successful property investment requires being strong during the difficult times

In order to become a successful investor, you need to be strong during tough times. The real estate market is very volatile. It has its frequent ups and downs. You can never panic every time a negative headline breaks the news.

You have to prepare yourself to unexpected situations such as unexpected repair bills put forward or sudden damages to the property that requires immediate attention and renovation. A smart investment manager should always try to draw from the strength of their reserves and persistently ride out the difficult periods without losing focus from the long-term goals.

Successful Property investments requires strong negotiation skills

Being a good negotiator is one of the most essential skills that make a property investor successful. Businessmen and entrepreneurs are good negotiators. However, that does not mean that they are always trying to bargain when purchasing a property. A good and successful investor knows that they make their profits by purchasing the right properties, not through the cheaper ones. However, while making the right property investment, they have learned the negotiation skills to influence and persuade people the right way.

Whether doing it yourself or with the help of a qualified buyer’s agent, proper negotiation can put you in a stronger position to develop a profitable property portfolio. However, if you feel that negotiation is not your strongest skills, do not be worried! It can be developed over time.


Over time, anyone can develop all the skills required to be a great property investor. There are no secrets or challenging skill sets revealed here. Everything comes down to:

  • • Solid education
  • • Practical goal-setting
  • • Commitment to sticking to that goal
  • • Keeping calm during the tough times
  • • Developing negotiation skills
  • If you can achieve these traits, you can make profits through the process of property investment management much smoother.

    Everyone wants to have the borrowing power to buy a house or to invest in real estate. But, it is common for most people to rent a house or flat for some time before being able to consider property investment.

    And if you have to rent a flat, you’ll also have to interact with the person who owns or manages the property.

    Having a great landlord can have a lot of awesome benefits. In this article, we’ll tell you the importance of finding a good landlord and give you tips on identifying a great renter.

    Why Does Having a Great Landlord Matter? 

    Despite the fact that having a great landlord seems like a commodity, you should always try to find a renter you get along with. For example, if you have an emergency and you’re late on the rent, a great landlord with understand if it happens once.

    If your landlord is not very understanding, they can report your late payment and affect your credit. This can affect your borrowing power calculator results negatively and reduce your chances of buying a house in the future.

    If you have a bad landlord, the answer to the question “how much can I borrow for my future house?” may be lower than expected!

    Signs You Have an Awesome Landlord 

    There are many tell-tale signs you’ve got a great landlord. Remember that some of these may not be apparent right away, so you may be pleasantly surprised when you see your renter’s good side.

    Just remember that you also have responsibilities, so always do your best to return the favour and be a great tenant.

    Some of the sign you have a great landlord include:

    Returns Your Calls Promptly

    We’ve all heard or experience the classic scenario. There is a heating, plumbing, or electricity issue and the landlord is nowhere to be found. What’s worse, you can’t get them to return your calls, reply to your messages, or even shoot you back an email.

    A great landlord returns calls or any other form of contact promptly, especially when it is something they can address right away.

    Is Patient With Your Complaints

    There are many aspects of living in a house or neighbourhood that you don’t really find out until you’ve actually spent a few nights there. And, chances are you’ll take up some of the setbacks with your landlord, even if you know there’s not much that can be done.

    A good renter will at least listen and note your complaints so they can potentially bring it up with the local authorities or consider making improvements on the house.

    Doesn’t Sound or Feel Pushy

    This is especially true if you haven’t moved in yet. If you’re just viewing options, stick to the renter who isn’t pushy and lets you wonder naturally throughout the house. They should be able to answer your questions without requesting some form of commitment on your behalf.

    Understands Difficult Situations

    Emergencies can lead to costly repairs or late payments, so having a great landlord can help lessen some of the burdens that come with these unfortunate events. Great renters will be willing to take up damages with their home insurance and let one late payment slide.

    Addresses Repairs Quickly and Effectively

    In addition to communicating and acknowledging any issues, your renter should also address them promptly. Next-day repairs work best, but you should be satisfied as long as you get a repair person within a few days of telling your property manager.

    Has a Friendly and Respectful Attitude

    This may depend on each individual, but having a polite, friendly, and respectful renter will simply make your life a lot easier. Even more so if your landlord lives in the same building or close to your house as you may encounter them frequently!

    Find a Reliable Real Estate Agency You Can Trust 

    Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or rent, having a reliable real estate agency by your side can help simplify the process. Finding a great landlord is extremely important, but you should also be thinking about your future goals and getting the support you need to fulfil these objectives.

    At Vogue Real Estate, we specialise in delivering property management services, so we understand the importance of building a great relationship with renters and tenants.

    Learn more by visiting our property management page or get in touch with us today!

    Authored by Alex Morrison from Intergral Media

    Your lease is a legally binding document so you must fully understand all the details before you sign on the dotted line. Even if you think you understand it all, always check with your landlord or real estate agent to make sure you have no niggling little doubts in the back of your mind about some aspect of it. Don’t ignore the doubts, make sure you’re happy with it.   

    Here are some handy tips on how to ask open-ended questions that should assist you in comprehending your lease agreement:

    What is Included in My Agreement?

    There are some properties that include electricity, gas, and water in the rent payments, but the majority don’t do this unless they’re granny flats without a separate meter box. These places use the utilities attached to the main house and working out what you’ve used would be difficult. Sometimes a lease will include garden maintenance. Leases have no set standard for leases, so always ask the agent or landlord which bill you will need to pay.

    A nice park is a good thing to have, even in the colder months!

    Does the Landlord Allow Me to have Pets or Children?

    This is probably the first question to ask. In some leases, every person over a certain age who will be living in the property will have to be included on the lease and some have very strict ‘No’ policies around pets. Others will allow pets and children but will want to know the size and breed if it’s a dog, and you will be responsible for any damage caused by your children or pet. Some landlords only need one person’s name and details on the lease. If you’re considering having children or more children, it’s always good to inform your agent or landlord or ask if it is allowable.

    What if my Rental needs Maintenance?

    Most managing agents and landlords use a preferred repair person or contractor to call in an emergency and will get quotes but always ask beforehand to make sure you know what will happen if your rental needs maintenance.

    How do you check my History as a Tentant?

    Real estate agents managing rental properties have a responsibility to their clients to check your tenancy history and a cluey landlord will do the same to protect the investment. If you personally check out the rental property it will be the first step in assessing whether you will be suitable or not. You can ask your agent or landlord if they use a credit checking system to find out if you’ve ever breached a lease or been evicted from a rental. You can check it yourself on any of the online agencies.

    Will I need Contents Insurance?

    Yes. To protect their investment property, landlords will only generally have home insurance to cover the house or flat itself, but not your contents, so you will need to take out that kind of cover if you want to protect your belongings.

    How Long is the Lease?

    Most landlords like long leases with good tenants, especially if they took out an investment loan and need to pay the mortgage on it. So if your landlord wants to keep tenants for two years, but you only want a 12-month lease, tell the agent or landlord first up. If you’re honest, it will put you in good standing if they still want to reconsider your application.

    What if I fall behind on the Rent?

    Your agent or landlord will probably let you know what will happen if you don’t pay your rent on time and will provide you with a clear outline of their policy with regard to rental arrears. If you have to ask this question it might not be a good idea or you’ll be seen as a bit of a worry if they’re looking for a tenant who can always pay on time.

    What Payment Methods do you Accept?

    Most agents and landlords accept online payments and make it easy for you to pay your rent regularly. Always ask how they want you to pay it, however, and remember they like direct debit payments or bank transfers for the convenience and security of both you and the landlord.

    the lease and some have very strict ‘No’ policies around pets. Others will allow pets and children but will want to know the size and breed if it’s a dog, and you will be responsible for any damage caused by your children or pet. Some landlords only need one person’s name and details on the lease. If you’re considering having children or more children, it’s always good to inform your agent or landlord or ask if it is allowable.

    Authored by Alex Morrison from Intergral Media

    Let’s face it – even once you’ve got a family, you still may get the urge to move to a new area. And it doesn’t have to be an urge, you may simply have issues with your current home, which can be solved by looking for properties on sale and relocating to a different place. However, although that may be – you still have to find a place which has all the qualities of a good neighbourhood. Which is why we’ve collected a few tips on how you can recognise which place suits you best, so read on! 

    Safety is one of the best qualities of a good neighbourhood 

    Of course, there are many factors that make a good neighbourhood, and we couldn’t possibly list all. So, here we’ll deal with the most important ones. And on that list, there’s really nothing that can surpass safety and security. Trust us – even if a neighbourhood had all the amenities you could ever dream of, it would all mean nothing if you couldn’t be sure of your own safety. 

    Especially if you’re going to look for moving experts online in order to embark on a family relocation, that goes double! Because of one simple thing – you want to be sure that you and your children will feel completely safe. And really, there’s nothing that can make up for that. After all, you won’t be able to watch over your children 24/7, no matter how attentive you are as a parent. At some point, you just have to put your trust in the general safety of your neighbourhood. Besides, it’s not like you want to live in an unsafe area yourself. So be careful when you’re picking out neighbourhoods, and always look for safety first – everything else is secondary. 

    Security Guard going down escalator
    Local security and safety is extremely important when it comes to choosing an area for living!

    Having housing options is important 

    Of course, while safety is really the most important, it’s not the only one among the qualities of a good neighbourhood you should be on the lookout for. For example, another one is diversity in housing. First of all, you want to be in an area where you have a wide variety in types of housing, so that after you choose the general area, you can have your pick of specific properties. Why is this so important? Well, you’re setting out to relocate to a new neighbourhood on a specific budget. And while you can cut moving costs by planning in advance, unexpected costs can always arise! 

    So, you need to be sure you can scale back your housing options if needed. Go for something smaller without losing much quality. Besides, over time, your housing needs might change, but you’ll still want to remain in the same area. That nice studio apartment you’re getting now might become too small, once you start a family. In that case, your job or other factors may require you to remain in the same neighbourhood, or you simply may like it too much to relocate. Think of this in advance, and find a place that has all the options you might need. 

    Nice public spaces 

    While we’ve talked a lot about the things which matter to your home specifically, there are lot of qualities of a good neighbourhood that have more to do with the spaces you share with other people. Sure, safety and housing matter to everyone, but that’s not everything life is about. There are a lot of other things to think about which are equally important, especially in the long term, if you’re investing in your own home before the relocation. 

    For example – do you really want to live in an area without a lot of green parks? Or, at least one that’s quite big? This may seem unimportant, but it actually is, for numerous reasons. First of all, let’s face it – we’d all like to have a place nearby to relax when it’s nice outside. Also, a lot of greenery significantly reduces air pollution in your area! So, not only will your family have a place for outdoor fun, but they’ll also live in a much healthier environment. Furthermore, you definitely want other amenities close by, like pharmacies or well-stocked shops. Why go on a long drive to get your groceries every single time if you’ve got everything right there! 

    Two empty benches in a park covered with autumn leaves.
    A nice park is a good thing to have, even in the colder months!

    It needs to be well-connected 

    Up until now, we’ve discussed all of the things that you need right there in your neighbourhood. And sure, these are all qualities of a good neighbourhood that are directly related to it. But you also need to think about the city as a whole and your neighbourhood within it. For example, no matter where you’re working, unless you’re extremely lucky, your workplace probably isn’t in your neighbourhood. Certainly, your home doesn’t really need to be that close physically – but in that case, it needs to be well-connected. Indeed, the last thing you want in your life is a bad commute. 

    Bear in mind that this not something temporary; such a problem will be there to annoy you every single day. So, when you’re choosing a new neighbourhood, make sure you’ll be able to get to your job easily! And also, being able to go downtown without a hassle is important for suburban neighbourhoods. 

    A subway station, representing one of the ways people commute.
    A relaxed commute to your job is the key to a stress-free life.


    While having every single one of the qualities of a good neighbourhood is impossible, you can still do your best to find a neighbourhood that’s as close to perfection as possible. Just make sure you know your priorities, and everything else will fall into place! 

    Selling a property is not a walk in the park as it requires proper planning and perfect execution. Whether you have sold your home multiple times or you are going to be selling for the first time, there are some important factors you need to consider before listing your house for sale.

    Here is a list of 5 important factors a home seller should consider to ensure a hassle-free sale at the highest price possible.

    Hiring a Trusted Real Estate Agency Is Extremely Important

    In today’s fluctuating real estate market you need to make quick decisions backed by proper market data. This is why hiring a real estate agent when selling a home, is extremely essential. By trying to sell your property without professional assistance, you could not only end up delaying the process but also lose out on the desired return on investment. On the contrary, you can just sit back and relax when you hire a trusted real estate agency like Vogue Real Estate. With decades of experience in the real estate market, Vogue’s selling property service in Bella Vista helps people to get the best deals when selling a property.

    Pricing Your Home

    Pricing your home should be given the topmost priority on the list because it plays a pivotal role in closing a deal. You need to understand that every property is “sellable” if it is priced in accordance with the current market scenario. The real estate market has fluctuated over the course of time and it is very essential to study past sales in your locality.

    You need to have proper clarity on how much people have paid for homes that are similar to yours in a bid to put a competitive price tag on your property. Vogue conducts detailed comparative market analysis and reviews the prices of the similar houses that have been sold or are currently listed on the market. With real-time market data and extensive knowledge about the local market, Vogue offers full assistance to determine the correct value of a house or a commercial property.

    Never Turn Away a Showing

    Never think about turning away a showing. By doing so, you might never hear from that potential buyer again. When selling your home, you need to make your property appealing to potential buyers. To create an everlasting impression in the mind of prospective buyers, you need to make sure the pathways are clear and rooms feel clean, spacious and defined. You have to be ready for showings at any time because the more you are open for potential buyers, the higher the chances of closing the deal. Buyers are often time constrained and fickle minded and if you turn them away, there is a high probability that they will shift their focus on to another home in your neighbourhood.
    Vogue not only maps potential buyers but also offers full assistance in arranging property showings at convenient hours. A thorough pre-scanning of prospective buyers is conducted and a highly experienced real estate agent is present during every property showing session.

    Using Multiple Marketing Channels

    Be it online or offline, you need to utilise all marketing channels to find the right buyer and complete the sale as quickly as possible. Selling a house not only involves the listing of properties but also various forms of marketing and promotion. Failing to do so lowers your chances of getting the desired return on investment. Only a reputed real estate agency utilises the best marketing methods to not only reach out to potential buyers but also to increase the value of your home. Real estate agents go that extra mile to help property sellers get the right buyer and the maximum return on investment. Vogue’s selling property service in Kellyville includes a wide plethora of marketing methods including social media promotion, print ads, property listings and online campaigns to deliver fastest possible closings.

    Getting Your Documents in Order

    When selling your house, you could face unnecessary delays if all the paperwork and legal documentation are not properly managed. It is not only important to prepare and stage your house for sale, but you should also be ready to answer all the inquiries that might come your way, regarding the property. You need to show all the necessary legal documentation that your attorney or prospective buyers will ask for. Vogue pays special attention to every minute detail while helping to manage all the paperwork and legal documentation. To facilitate a quick settlement, real estate agents not only provide expert advice and full assistance in transferring the legal title of the house but also take care of other legal issues during the selling process.

    Focussing on these 5 factors will exponentially increase your chances of selling your house quickly and at the best price.