Are you planning to purchase or sell your property in Castle Hill? Do you need a good and reliable real estate agent? Are you worried that you will not find the right one for you? In this blog, we will discuss a few points that you should take careful consideration into, while choosing the right agent.

1.Local expertise

According to studies conducted by GFK (Gesellschaft Fur Konsumforschung) around 58% of Australians purchase their homes within 5 km of their current home radius. While 91% of them looks to invest in a home that is within 40 km radius of their current home. The reason for using this statistics is quite simple. Choose an agent that has in-depth knowledge of the local area and neighborhood.

Your agent should be aware of the upcoming events and constructions, specialty and heritage of the particular area that will help them add value to your property and help it sell at a better price towards the prospective clients. Because let’s admit it, your property is not the only one that will be in the offerings. There will be other properties on contention to be sold too. The competitors as well as the buyers will be fully informed about the market and a poorly informed agent will make the matter worse for you.

2.Fully aware of the market

Generally, agents have access to a wealth of property and market data such as institutions, transportation facilities, demographics and the kind of buyers searching for home in that locality.

These data can help them gain information and stay informed about the situation around the locality and the market. When selling a property, these knowledge can be invaluable as it will help them fix the right time and price for your property. A real estate agency in Castle Hill should be fully aware of the market data to help facilitate the price and selling of your house quickly and profitably.

3.Can instantly make you comfortable

Even though you are dealing with professionals, it is important to feel comfortable with your agent. Both you and your agent needs to be very honest during the selling process and so you need to ensure that you feel comfortable with your agent to maintain an open and honest communication.

If you cannot open up to your agent comfortably, it will be difficult to discuss your needs and wants. Poor communication will eventually, result in an unsatisfying outcome and a poor deal.

4.Innovative promotional strategies

We are living in an era where promotion and advertisements are must. Visual inspection is one of the best ways to provide a clear picture about the properties that are up for sale. This includes photography and professional videos.

You should ask your agent to use video options in your marketing packages to help [provide an edge against the other competitors who are also planning to sell their properties.

Good pictures and videos will help showcase the unique features of your house and properties to attract potential buyers easily and increase the chances of sale.

5.Referrals matter a lot

Despite the fact that it has become easier to search for homes due to the advancements in technology, your real-estate agency in Castle Hill is still operated by human that are susceptible to mistakes. It is best to collect referrals from their clients before deciding on the one that is reliable and suitable to your needs.

There is nothing bigger than receiving compliments from a past client. Talk to other homeowners who are aware of the real estate and are willing to recommend them to you. If you want to purchase or sell a property in a locality, there will always be local experts available in that area.

Understanding each and every point mentioned in your lease agreement is very important because the tenancy agreement is a legal contract and there is no moving back once you sign it. Before signing a lease agreement you need to discuss every minute detail with your landlord or the property manager to avoid any complication over the course of time.

Whether you are looking for a rental property or want to buy or sell a property, Vogue Real Estate is here to help you. We provide highly customised property management services, property selling, buying and relocation services to match your preferences, needs and requirements. Our property managers, buyer’s agents and selling agents are fully trained and licensed and can do everything possible to make property investment or buying and selling a hassle-free process.

Here, our agents have put together the top eight important questions you need to ask a property manager or your landlord to get a clear picture of the lease agreement when you are moving into a rental property.

What is included in my lease agreement? Are utility bills included?

Lease agreements do not have a fixed format. Some of them include utility bills (water, electricity, gas bills) as a part of the total rental payment. On the contrary, some lease agreements do not include utility bills. There might be special cases where a lease agreement could also include garden maintenance. The format of the lease agreement is set by the landlord himself. This is why you need to ask the property manager or the owner if any other bills are included in the rental agreement.

What’s to do if the rental property needs maintenance?

Usually, landlords have their own repair person or contractors to take on maintenance works or to handle any kind of emergency situation at the property. If your landlord has hired property management services, a property manager will get quotes from repair contractors of their choice. However, it is wise to discuss this issue with the property manager or the real estate agent to make sure you know what to do if the rental property requires maintenance.

What should I do if I fail to pay the rent on time?

To avoid any mishap over the course of time, you need to discuss the rental arrears policy with your landlord or the property manager in detail. If your landlord has hired property management services, the property manager will give you a clear picture of their rental arrears policy. Asking this question at the outset of the tenancy could put you in a difficult situation as most landlords would want a tenant with a good financial condition.

Do I need contents insurance to protect my possessions?

It is foolish to assume that your landlord’s property insurance will cover any damages caused to your valuable belongings. Your landlord’s home insurance will only cover the apartment or the house they are renting out but not your valuable items. You need to arrange for your own contents insurance if you want to protect your valuables.

Does the tenancy agreement allow pets and children?

The terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement are set by the property owner. Some landlords opt for a flexible lease agreement which requires only a single tenant’s name. However, some landlords prefer a rigid structure which requires every individual over a certain age to sign the agreement. Some of them allow pets and children and some don’t. If you have children and pets or if you are planning to expand your family, be upfront and inform your landlord at the very beginning.

What rental payment methods do you accept?

Having a clear idea beforehand about which payment methods are accepted by your landlord will help you to plan your life better. You need to ask the property manager or your landlord about which payment method do they prefer. This will also create a good first impression. To make it easier for you to pay your rent on a regular basis, most landlords prefer online payments (Direct Debit/bank transfer, etc.). The online payment method is trusted by most landlords because it is highly convenient and secure for both the parties involved.

How do you check my tenancy history?

Have decided upon moving into a rental property? Before you sign the lease agreement, you need to figure out how your landlord or the property management company check your tenancy history. Usually, a property manager or a landlord does their best to do a detailed background check before handing over the rental property to you. It is the responsibility of the property manager to check your tenancy history as they strive to protect their client’s investment. You need to ask the property manager or your landlord about which system they use to check your creditworthiness or any breaches in your rental history.

What is the lease duration?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a property manager or your landlord when moving into a rental property. Every individual has their unique needs and requirements. If your landlord is looking to keep tenants for a minimum of two years at a time and you do not want to avail the rental property for more than a year, you should make it very clear at the very first point of discussion.

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Buying a house is a huge step. It is one of the biggest investments in your life that you will be making. Nevertheless, if you are a first time home buyer, it is important to be a bit cautious when buying your house. Chances are due to your inexperience and lack of knowledge, you might end up purchasing a house or a flat that makes you suffer more than it would benefit you.

In this blog, we will be discussing a few points that you should keep in mind when purchasing your house for the first time.


When you are purchasing your home, it is important to consider the location from where you will be purchasing your home. The type of locality that the house in in. How far is the town centre from the house? How far is the schools or colleges? The ease of getting the transportation from that place. The closeness to friend’s and family’s home. Are there pubs, restaurants and shopping malls located nearby? How about the crime rate in that particular locality or entire zone.

Chalk out all the lists of priorities and try to obtain as much information as you can about the entire neighbourhood before you decide whether it will be a nice place to live or not. If it is a posh urban neighbourhood, it will be difficult to find local convenient stores or groceries nearby. The costing of items in these zones will be expensive too.

2.Type of house

There are varieties of house that will be available for purchase. The type will vary based on the shapes, sizes, structure and architectural variations such as traditional single-family house, multi-family house/building, condo, a townhouse. Your real estate agent in Glenhaven will be able to offer you the best ones suitable to your needs. Therefore, you need to research beforehand to make sure you choose a house that will be best suited to your needs, taste and life-style.

Each style of house will have its benefits and drawbacks therefore, you need to choose your house based on your ownership goals. You will have to choose the right type of property that will help you reach your goals.

3.Don’t skip mortgage qualification

It is very important to get your credits score checked before you head on to place your booking money for the home that fits your category. Often times what you think you can afford turns out to be opposite of what the bank is willing to lend you with. This is particularly true for people with a poor or low credit score who has an unstable income or bank transaction and he is not aware of it. Therefore, first make sure whether you getting the right amount of money that you have been planning to receive from the bank.

If you are planning to purchase a house, keep these important 3 points in mind. If you still have doubt, it is better to contact a good professional real-estate agent in Glenhaven to get the job done for you.

Relocation is a time-consuming and complex process and involves a lot of strategic planning. The situation becomes more difficult when you are moving to a different city or country. Managing the entire relocation process all alone could be a daunting task, and this is where experienced relocation agents can help you.

Whether you are moving across countries, cities or states, you need to sort out a lot of things – and the most difficult of them is finding the best property in your new locality. Doing it all alone can put you in a messy situation and so you need to hire highly effective relocation services in Castle Hill.

At Vogue Real Estate, we customise our relocation services to match your requirements, needs, and preferences so that you can just sit back and relax. We work closely with you right from the start till the end. This blog shows how our professional relocation services in Castle hill can help you to get rid of all the stress associated with the relocation process.

Planning Session to Understand Your Needs and Requirements

Before helping you relocate, we conduct an in-depth planning session over the phone or meet you in person. Our team of highly experienced relocation agents will explain the entire process and answer all your queries. After getting a clear picture of your preferences, property search criteria, budget, and wants, we will customise the best possible relocation package for you.

Highly Experienced Team to Provide Hassle-Free Service

Our team of highly experienced and certified relocation agents have in-depth knowledge about the real estate market and are fully trained to make sure that your relocation goes off without a hitch or inconvenience. Relocation agents at Vogue Real Estate will take care of everything – from developing a thorough moving plan, sourcing properties that match your criteria and price negotiations to providing full assistance in buying, managing post-move formalities and taking care of legal issues.

Expert Advice and Full Assistance in Property Searching and Buying

When you are relocating, you will definitely have a lot of questions and doubts in your mind. Buying a new house in a new locality is one of the most difficult tasks when moving to a new city or country. Trying to the find the best property at the right price without having knowledge about the local real estate market will make the situation worse and more stressful. This is where Vogue Real Estate’s relocation services in Castle Hill can help you. Based on your pre-defined property search criteria, our agents will provide you with a wide range of property options to choose from. We conduct regular market research and survey to develop a database of photos and videos of the vacancies available. We will work closely with you throughout the entire buying process – from legal documentation to highly effective price negotiation and settlement.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

Our agents will help you to find the best property at the best price by putting together an in-depth Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). They also have full access to multiple listing systems and will help you to find every house available that matches all your specifications. Our relocation agents have widespread networks and comprehensive knowledge about the local market. They will let you know how long a house has been on the market, price reductions and other essential facts and figures before negotiating on your behalf so that you buy your new house at the right price.

Providing You the Best Rental Property

Want to relocate to a new city but buying a new house is not in your plans? Don’t worry, by hiring our relocation services in Castle Hill, you will be provided with a wide range of rental property options to choose from. Our relocation team will map out the best properties based on your preferences and needs. They will take care of everything – from preparing rental agreements to price negotiation so that you can just sit back and relax.

Total Legal Assistance

Effective handling of all the legal documentation and paperwork can be very stressful for a lay man. Our agents offer full legal assistance during the entire relocation process.

The above-mentioned reasons make it very clear how our agents take away all the stress associated with relocation. Don’t be confused anymore! Planning a move? Get in touch with us.

Are you ready to buy your dream house? You can go ahead and try to do it on your own, but having a buyer’s agent by your side could make the entire process simple, easy and hassle-free. They have a vast wealth of knowledge and can offer better access to houses on the market, provide you with full assistance in negotiations and a lot more.

Looking for the perfect house or investment property can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Your mind will be flooded with numerous questions and doubts that can leave you confused at times. However, using buyer’s agent services in Castle Hill can ensure you have a peace of mind and buy the perfect property at the right price and in a hassle-free manner.

Here are top 7 reasons to hire a Buyer’s Agent when buying a property:

Advocate on your behalf

Buyer’s agents conduct a detailed planning session with you to understand your specific needs and requirements. Once they finish analysing your pre-defined criteria, they will do everything possible to help you find and purchase your ideal property at the right price.

Extensive market knowledge

Buyer’s agents conduct regular market research and survey to develop a database loaded with all the information about the local market. They can help you find the right property at the right price by putting together an in-depth Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). They will provide you with all the information regarding the houses available in the local market. This will help you make the best offer on the properties you gave shortlisted.

They’ll get you in the door

When using buyer’s agent services in Castle Hill, you can easily get access to houses you are interested in. Buyer’s agents will act as the bridge between you and the seller’s agent or the seller. They will work closely with you and after understanding your property search criteria they will not only finalise property viewing appointments with the sellers but also accompany you to the houses you are interested in.

Full access to Multiple Listing System and off market properties

Buyer’s agents have full access to multiple listing systems and can easily find every house available that matches all your specifications. Sometimes, to get the best deal on a house, you need to know about it before it is listed in the market. Buyer’s agents are highly experienced professionals and they develop valuable contacts with selling and listing agents. By using their professional contacts, they come to know about off-the-market opportunities – especially when a seller is desperately trying to make a quick sell.

Unbiased opinion to help you take the right decision

While buying a property you need to keep your emotions aside. No matter how hard you try, you get emotionally influenced while making tough real estate decisions. This is where a buyer’s agent can help you. By hiring a buyer’s agent who is not emotionally attached to the purchase will ensure that you get unbiased professional advice so that you make the right decision.

Professional price negotiation

Buyer’s agents will not only take you out show you the properties but provide you with a detailed report on all the shortlisted houses. They will tell you how long a house has been on the market, price reductions, how much did the current owners pay while purchasing the property and all other necessary facts and figures. With accurate market data and extensive local knowledge, they will provide skilled negotiation on your behalf to help you buy the best possible house at the right price.

It’s FREE!!

While purchasing the property, you do not have to pay your buyer’s agent’s commission. The seller typically pays the commission for both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent.

Buying a home can be very stressful at times. Why try to do it by yourself when hiring buyer’s agent services in Castle Hill gives you all the above-mentioned benefits?

Selling a property is not as simple as putting up a ‘for sale’ sign and waiting for potential buyers to come to you. When selling a property, hiring an experienced real estate agent is the most practical move. An experienced real estate agent for a seller is jack of all trades and they have in-depth knowledge about the real estate market. From helping you to prepare your home for sale and setting a price to determining a marketing strategy to negotiating with buyers – they do it all in a hassle-free manner.

At Vogue Real Estate, we can provide you with a dedicated real estate agent in Castle Hill and the surrounding areas. When you list your property for sale with us, our real estate agent in Rouse Hill will work closely with you to develop the perfect marketing strategy to maximise your sale results. We will offer full assistance and expert guidance to help you maximise your sale price through open house presentations and highly effective marketing activities.

Here are some of the responsibilities of a seller’s agent and how they represent a home seller.

Consultation For Listing

During the listing consultation process, our real estate agent in Rouse Hill will visit your property to know about your needs and goals for selling. An in-depth inspection of your property will be conducted and our agent will suggest changes and improvements if necessary to increase your price. We will do a comparative analysis and determine the right sale price by considering the comparable that have already been sold in your locality.

Staging Your Home

Preparing a property to garner the maximum sale price is a challenging task and only an experienced real estate agent can help you to get the best results. Our real estate agent will provide full assistance in staging your home so that it creates an everlasting impression in the minds of the potential buyers – right from time moment they go through the listing photos to the moment they enter your house.

Professional Listing Photos

As soon as your house is properly staged, our real estate agent in Rouse Hill will organise a professional photo shoot. When you work with our real estate agent to sell your house, you will be provided professional photos for listing as a part of our service package. Agents also conduct a 3D scanning of your property so that potential buyers can see it from every possible angle online.

Determining the Perfect Price

Moving forward, the most important aspect is to set a price before your property is listed on the market. Our real estate agent in Rouse Hill will conduct an in-depth comparative market analysis and review the prices of the comparable house that have been sold or are currently listed on the market. An extensive report will be presented to you so that you have proper clarity on how much people are willing to pay for homes that are similar to yours. This will help you to put competitive price tag on your property.

Marketing Your Home

After the price is determined, a real estate agent develops the best marketing strategies to get your property sold at the best price and in a hassle-free manner. The marketing strategies include everything from advertising, videos, holding open houses, website entries, social media platforms, online marketing tools, brokers’ open house, posting the listing on multiple listing services and mailers for the neighbourhood.

Negotiating For the Seller

When a potential buyer shows interest or an offer comes through, our real estate agent in Rouse Hill will negotiate on your behalf to help you get the highest possible sale price and a quick closing. Keeping in mind your pre-defined terms and conditions, our agent will work closely with you and keep you informed about all the developments in the negotiation process.

Closing the Deal

A real estate agent does everything possible to sell your house for the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time. When you receive an offer, our agents will thoroughly review each offer and negotiate terms to lock the best deal. They will take care of all the paperwork that needs to be submitted for the closing process before you hand over the keys to the new owner.

The above-mentioned points make it very clear how a real estate agent represents a property seller. So if you are looking for a trustworthy real estate agent in Rouse Hill, don’t hesitate to call Vogue Real Estate.

Whether you are planning to move across cities, suburbs, locally or interstate, it can be exhaustive if you decide to do it personally. There are so many tasks to take care of including finding the right property that fits the budget and properly shifting to the new location. Nevertheless, if it is not executed in a planned and organised manner, things could get real messy. Voguere can help in situations like these. We provide efficient relocation services across Castle Hill to facilitate a smooth transition that is hassle-free. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose our services.

1. Thorough planning session to help you meet your needs
Before relocating, our experienced personnel will meet you personally and carryout a thorough planning session based on your needs and wants while precisely answering all your queries. Depending on your needs and wants our staffs will tailor a services to help you relocate with ease and comfort.

2. Get a well-organised management service
We will provide you with an experienced, fully trained and licensed manager. He/she will take care of all your needs and wants and offer their honest and expert advises throughout all the stages of relocation. We will make sure that you go through a comfortable and hassle-free relocation process.

3. Experienced team to handle your relocation
We have a team of highly skilled and experienced agents who are trained to adhere to all kinds of industry guidelines ensuring a smooth rearrangement process without any mishap. The team will take care of everything starting from drawing the moving plans to finding the right rental property that meets your criteria, helping in searching and purchasing the right property, post move settlement and all the legal assistance required throughout the process.

4. Assistance with property rental and purchase
In order to find the right property in the appropriate locality that suits your needs and lifestyle, you need assistance. Our team of highly experienced and efficient relocation experts will do everything within the realms of their power to provide you with a wide array of properties that suits your needs and budget precisely. Making your relocation services in Castle Hill a success.

5. Finding the right rental properties
If you are planning to move to a new city, locality or state, however, is not willing to purchase a house then help you find the perfect rental properties to fit your requirements. Being a reputed real estate agency, we have a wide array of rental properties listed on our directories that you can choose from. Otherwise, we will help you map-out the best properties according to your preferences using our widespread networks and abundant local knowledge. We will help you take care of all the issues from rental agreements to price negotiations ensuring a hassle-free relocation.

6. Complete legal assistance
As an experienced and well-established real estate agency, we are fully aware of all the industry rules and regulations and legal requirements needed to purchase or relocate to a new property. We will help you sort out all your legal requirements and procedures while helping you settle into your new property without any hassle or inconveniences. If you are looking for a proficient relocation service in Castle Hill.

Whether you are looking to buy a house, rent an apartment or sell a commercial or residential property, you might ask yourself, “Do I really need a real estate agent?” Buying or selling a property should not be tackled alone if you do not have the correct knowledge about the real estate market. This is where a real estate agent in Castle Hill comes into the scene. Professional and highly experienced real estate agents keep themselves updated about the current market condition and trends to help you in selling or buying the best property at the right price.

When buying or selling a property, it is wise hiring an experienced real estate agent. Vogue Real Estate can provide you with a dedicated real estate agent in Castle Hill and the surrounding areas. We are a reputed real estate agency committed to providing you with accurate market information, support and guidance so that you make the right real estate decisions.

Here are 6 reasons why you should hire a real estate agent in Castle Hill for buying or selling a property:

Detailed Market Research And Good Knowledge And Experience In The Field

While investing in a property or selling your vacancies, the smartest thing you can do is hiring an experienced real estate agent in Castle Hill, who have extensive knowledge of the buying and selling procedures. Our fully trained and licensed real estate agents have good knowledge about the local markets and they conduct in-depth market research and surveys to help you reach your real estate goals.

Good Network And Connections In The Local Market

Our highly experienced real estate agents have good connections in the local market which helps them to form a database loaded with all the suitable properties available for sale, rent and buying. This helps them to provide you with all the necessary details in accordance to your pre-defined criteria and budget. Professional real estate agents have wide networks and good coordination with people in the real estate market to help you with all the administrative tasks in a hassle-free manner.

Expert Guidance

Our real estate agent in Castle Hill can provide you with expert and unbiased advice along with full guidance on prices. They have accurate knowledge about the local market and conduct regular research and surveys to find out the current rate trends in the real estate market. Depending on the locality, supply and demand conditions, experienced real estate agents can help you to buy or sell a property at the right price.

Confidentiality and supreme negotiation skills

Professional real estate agents adopt an unbiased approach and take full control of the price negotiation process by communicating with the other side on your behalf. During all the stages of price negotiation they maintain full confidentiality whenever it is required to do so. At Vogue Real Estate, our real estate agents have great expertise in price negotiation. They develop effective strategies to make sure you get the highest price when you are selling your property and the lowest possible price when you are buying.

Reduction in Paperwork

When buying or selling a property, you need to handle a lot of paperwork, which can be stressful. You could get caught up in legal hassles if the paperwork is not done properly. This is where a real estate agent in Castle Hill can help you out by completing all the paperwork on your behalf in a hassle-free manner.

Saves Time

One of the most important benefits of hiring real estate agents is that they complete a wide range of tasks on your behalf and saves you a lot of time. It is obvious that you are caught up with busy work schedules and have no time to handle property showings or answer all the phone calls and emails with queries about your property. This is where professional real estate agents can work wonders. Leave the keys with them and they will provide potential buyers and tenants with a tour of your property. They will also accompany you to property viewings and sometimes do that on their own and provide you with photos and videos of the various property options, in case you have no time to visit those places in person. They do everything possible to make sure that no phone calls or emails are left unanswered.

The above-mentioned points make it very clear why you should always hire a real estate agency or a real estate agent in Castle Hill when buying or selling a property. If you’re looking for the best when it comes to the quality of services, don’t hesitate to call Vogue Real Estate.

We know that you have invested in a property to garner maximum return on investment. To maintain the value of your property over the course of time you need to have proper knowledge of the real estate market. Doing it on your own can be hectic and time taking and so most property owners hire property management services.

When looking to hire property management services, don’t look beyond Vogue Real Estate. Our highly experienced and licensed property managers will ensure that your investment is taken care of in a hassle-free manner. At Vogue Real Estate, we provide comprehensive and the most reliable real estate property management services in Baulkham hills so that you can just sit back and relax.

Here are six of the most important tasks undertaken by property management companies.

Marketing Of Rental Property

Finding tenants often becomes difficult if you cannot develop marketing strategies to reach out to the maximum number of people. This is where our property management services in Baulkham hills can make your life easy. At Vogue Real Estate, our highly experienced property managers plan out effective marketing strategies – from digital and print marketing materials to social media and online marketing tools to make sure that your vacancies are filled up fast and in a hassle-free manner.

Managing Tenants

One of the most important tasks of a property manager is to manage tenants and they are responsible for filling vacancies. We understand where to advertise your property and our property managers offer expert opinion and advise to make necessary changes in your property to attract more tenants. Property managers also conduct an in-depth tenant screening process. We follow strict tenant screening parameters to minimise risks – from proper inspection of credit scores to proper background checks. Property managers also set lease terms which include all necessary paperwork and clauses to protect you over the course of time. And finally when a tenant moves out, they are responsible for carrying out proper inspection of the property to check for damages and also assist in the settlement of the security deposit.

Correct Rent Pricing and Seamless Rent collection

When you hire property management services in Baulkham hills, you don’t have to work round the clock to determine the correct rental tariff for your vacancies or worry about the timely rent collection. Managing rent issues is one of the most common tasks of our property managers. Property managers have extensive knowledge about the real estate market where your property is located. Our property managers conduct in-depth surveys and through comparative analysis they will set the right rent level to attract more tenants to your property. Property management companies ensure that the rent is collected on time every month and also impose late fees when required. They also help you to raise the rent level in accordance with the municipal or state laws every year.

Property Maintenance And Monthly Inspection Reports

To attract more tenants it very important to keep your property in top condition. Whether your property is too old or new, it will require periodic maintenance work. Property management companies also run timely maintenance schedules to make sure your vacancies look stunning all throughout the year. When you hire Vogue Real Estate’s property management services in Baulkham hills, our highly experienced property managers will do everything possible to identify maintenance issues before they escalate into expensive repairs. They keep you in the loop during all the stages of property maintenance and provide you with detailed inspection reports every month so that you have clarity on the work being done.

Full Assistance In Showcasing Vacancies

Whenever potential tenants spring up and show interest in visiting your property, you don’t have to be present every single time when you have hired property management services in Baulkham hills. Leave the keys with our property managers and they will take care of everything – from booking appointments to giving tenants an organised tour of your property.

Maintaining Records And Accounting

Property management companies are also responsible for maintaining detailed records regarding your vacancies. Our property managers keep records of all the income and expenses, maintenance costs, record of rent collection, insurance costs, signed leases and more. They also facilitate a hassle-free accounting process – from managing income statements, delinquency reports, lease audits, general ledgers, balance sheets and more.

The above-mentioned points lay bare the most common responsibilities of a property management company. So if you are looking for reliable and trustworthy property management Services in Baulkham hills, Vogue Real Estate is here to help you.

Property managers can smartly guide you through successful property investment ventures and help you make the right investment decisions to improve the overall portfolio of your property. Before hiring an asset management company, it is important to carefully review the contract that they are offering. This is because you need to know their responsibilities and your duties as a land lord. Moreover, you need to ensure that you stay protected if the manager fails to meet the requirements. Here are 6 basic elements of the contract that you should put your focus on the most.

  • Services and fees
  • Responsibilities of the owner/s
  • Equal opportunity housing
  • Liabilities
  • Duration of the contract
  • Clauses involved with termination

1. Services and Fees

The management fee is the most common and basic fee that will be included in the contract. You need to understand the type of services that the manager has agreed to perform and the amount that they will charge for these services. You should understand the services that are included in the management fee and the ones that can be performed under additional fees, while knowing the services that cannot be performed under any circumstances.

You should keep in mind that just because a manager is asking a higher fee does not mean that they will continue to charge hire for the additional duties such as vacancy fulfilment, bills payment, solving maintenance issues and eviction procedures.

• Extra Services

For extra property management services in Rousehill, the agreement should clearly state how the services will be charged. For instance on a case by case basis, a percentage of the fee or a flat fee.

• Excluded Services

You also need to be aware of the tasks that the managers will not be performing under any circumstances. This usually vary form company to company and the most common exclusions include extensive remodelling. You should be aware of the fact that the contract is not excluding something that is considered a vital part such a finding the tenants, rent collection or emergency handlings.

2. Responsibilities of the Property Owner

This part of the agreement should talk about the roles and responsibilities of the landlord. The contract will describe the things the property owners are obligated to do and are not allowed to do. For example:

• Reserve fund maintenance

The landlord should put a certain amount of money into a reserve fund that the manager can use for daily maintenance issues and emergencies. You should ensure that the fund never falls below a certain amount.

• Finding tenants

Most of the company will not allow the property owners from placing a tenant on their own. This is usually done to safeguard the manager from having to handle a tenant that is not selected according to their criteria.

3. Liability

The property management service needs to be protected from unexpected liabilities. For example if they hire a third party contractor and the contractor damages the property then the manager will not be responsible for such actions. However, if there is a damage that takes place because of their own negligence. Then the manager will surely be responsible for responsibilities.