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Our furry friends usually mean the world to us. Whether you have had yours for over a decade or just got a puppy you already feel enamored with, there is no denying that your pet has a very special place in your life and heart. And, when looking for a new apartment (which in this day and age happens every few years), you want to find a property for lease that will be suitable for you and your companion. Cheer up, as to find a pet-friendly apartment is not as difficult as you might think.

Know the restrictions

Unfortunately, being a pet owner and wanting to move into a new building comes with some restrictions. Even though every landlord will have his or her own rules and pet policy, which may be lenient or strict, the majority of landlords will impose restrictions on certain things.

  • The number of pets – usually, no more than two pets are allowed inside an apartment.
  • The weight of your pet should be under 55 lbs, or else you might have to pay an additional fee.
  • No aggressive dogs are allowed. Breeds such as Pit Bulls and Great Danes are considered a liability, even though they might be the sweetest creatures in the world.

Sometimes, moving into a pet-friendly apartment will not be cheap. A lot of apartment buildings have fees you need to pay if you want to bring your canine or feline friend along. The fees can greatly vary according to the location, and as an established real estate agency, we suggest you do some research prior to signing the lease.

It is very difficult to find a pet-friendly apartment for some breeds.

Learn how to sell your furry friend in order to find a pet-friendly apartment

There is nothing that will make finding a new home with a pet easier than some self-promotion. In this situation, you are promoting yourself and your pet as the perfect future tenants. What you need to do can be summed up in three simple yet effective steps, so pay attention.

Make a resume for your pet

In the days that are leading up to your relocation, we know that you will be swamped with work. Any relocation is demanding and time-consuming, be it a local or long distance one, and don`t even get us started on international relocation. You will need to find a mover that can help you move internationally, figure out the best way for strategically packing your belongings, finding a new job, simply put – the whole pre-move package. Therefore, it is understandable that making a resume for your pet could slip your mind since there are many other more pressing things to do. Here`s why you should make creating a resume a task of utmost importance!

For starters, a pet resume serves the same purpose as your resume – it is there to showcase your strengths and capabilities, and make the screening process faster. To create a solid pet resume, you must include things such as your pet`s photo, health record, the way you take care of their grooming, and, most importantly, their training certificate. If you are able to prove that your pet is well-trained, you will be able to find a pet-friendly apartment without too much hassle. If, next to the training certificate, you manage to get a few letters of recommendation from your previous landlords and neighbors, you might as well start moving in.

Ask your neighbors to put in a few good words.

Get your pet insured

These days, people have insurance policies for almost everything. From life insurance to cargo insurance and everything in between, making sure you are covered in every aspect is the best thing you can do. Why should it be any different with your pet? If you are looking for an apartment that will accept your pet, all you need to do is show your potential landlord the insurance policy. Landlords are not necessarily mean people – if they don`t want to allow a pet in their apartment, it is not because they have something against animals. No, it is because they are worried about the liability they come with, which is particularly true for the aforementioned aggressive breeds. So, before you embark on your search for the most suitable apartment, you know what to do. Get appropriate insurance for your pet and watch every landlord say yes to the two of you!

Don`t be shy to boast

We all know someone who brags about their accomplishments too much, and we usually find such people irritating. But, when you are trying to find a pet-friendly apartment, a bit of boasting might be in order. Of course, as long as you keep it within normal limits. Do you care about your cleanliness and the cleanliness of your dog? Then don`t be afraid to mention it. Do you live in a clutter-free home and you don`t let your pet`s belongings pile up in every corner?

Well, if that is not the case, it really should be, as landlords will appreciate you keeping their property neat. In case you have too many dog collars or cat litter boxes you simply could not resist buying, now is high time that you get rid of them. Of course, there is no need for you to throw them out, as you might use them in the future. All you need to do is make sure you keep your belongings in a safe unit until you need them again, and you kill two birds with one stone. You get to keep your items and make yourself look good in the eyes of your future landlord.

We are all guilty of spoiling our pets with excessive items.

Those who put some work into it can always find a pet-friendly apartment. It is just a matter of putting in the hours and collecting all the necessary documents. Once you do sign the lease, don`t be afraid to ask your landlord some questions that will clarify the tenancy agreement. If you are wondering whether you will be able to bring a new pet down the line, now is the right time to ask. Your tenancy agreement is a legal document, and it needs to be followed to the letter. Never forget to read the fine print!