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Written by Sally Norton for Vogue Real Estate Australia

Fire emergencies are among the most common accidents that can happen in a home. They are often unpredictable yet can have devastating consequences for the property and not to mention its residents. If you are a landlord invested in the entire rental process, then it’s only natural that you will fret about your property that is in someone else’s hands. The good news is that you are directly involved in what happens inside of your rental property, especially when it comes to something like a fire hazard. There are some fire safety tips for landlords that could help prevent potential accidents in the future and ensure a greater safety level at home. That being said, you ought to make it your task to remember them the next time you let new tenants in your precious property.

Top five fire safety tips for landlords to remember

Do bear in mind that there are many different security measures one could take to protect your property from fire-related emergencies. Truth be told, nothing serves as a complete guarantee that you will be able to prevent a fire. Still, you can significantly reduce the chances of anything wrong happening by paying close attention to the following pieces of advice.


You must learn where the danger is coming from.


  1. Get acquainted with the biggest fire hazards at home

Before you can learn how to prevent fire, you need to understand what most commonly causes these accidents. As of right now, five causes are the usual culprits whenever a house fire does happen, and they include candles, smoking, electrical, heating, and cooking. As a landlord, your job is to arm yourself with the necessary facts about the topic so that you can pass down your knowledge to your tenants. Besides, this might be something a tenant will ask you about, and you don’t want to be caught blindsided.

  1. Install smoke detectors in every room 

You never know where a fire might be coming from. Your tenant could leave a lit candle in the bathroom where a fire could easily originate. So, every level of your home must have an installed smoke alarm. It will serve as a warning sign to everyone inside the property, after which the residents can quickly evacuate the building.


A smoke detector is of utmost importance in every room, especially the kitchen.


  1. Instruct your tenants how to behave

Even in urban areas, it’s imperative to raise awareness about fires in Australia. The best way to do that is to talk to the tenants about how to behave if a fire breaks out. Many people panic and don’t know how to react adequately in times of stress. Therefore, it’s your job to instruct them what to do in case of such an emergency.

First and foremost, make sure they know which phone number to call in this situation. It’s a good idea to leave a list of emergency numbers somewhere in the apartment where tenants can easily find it. In case of fire, tell tenants to call 000 from any phone they have nearby – landline or mobile. It’s completely free. Let them know that the only thing they need to tell the operator is the word “fire.” Then, they should stay calm and answer the questions the operator asks.

Here is an important note if you are renting to people who don’t speak English. When they call 000, they should just tell the operator which language they speak and wait for further instructions.

  1. Tell your tenants the best way to go out if there is fire

While it’s possible to put out small fires on your own, anything classified as a bigger fire entails the complete evacuation of renters. It is the worst scenario of all – but it happens nonetheless. And when it does happen, it’s good to have a plan of how to get out in advance. As a landlord, you can take it upon yourself to inform the tenants about the best way to leave their homes.

It’s necessary to tell your renters that they should never block any doorways or windows. You should also make sure that all doors and windows open properly, without jams. This is especially important in older buildings where doors and windows sometimes get stuck. Also, tell the tenants that it’s a good idea to keep their keys and other essential items, such as phones or documents, in a designated space. This way, if they have to leave in a hurry, they know exactly where to find them and call emergency services.

Bear in mind that not everyone thinks and acts the same in the case of an emergency. When push comes to shove, everyone needs to memorize how to stay safe and minimize the worst-case scenario risks. You will help by remembering to talk about this when the renters first come to your property.


Emergency entails a swift and cool-headed reaction.


  1. Remove all the potential sources of the problem

We have already stated that, sometimes, there is no way to stop a fire. However, there are many things you could do to minimize the chances of anything terrible happening. Does your property have any old electrical items that are a ticking time bomb? Then invest in modern replacement that won’t be a fire hazard. Do you have plenty of unnecessary things filling up your property? Then find a solution nearby in the form of a storage unit. Too many items in a home are always a hazard in more ways than one. It’s safe to say that you can’t predict and prevent every problem. But if you manage to remove just one obstacle, you can consider that a success.

The bottom line

A lot of weight indeed lies on your shoulders. Landlords face many problems, making their job more difficult and complicated. But it doesn’t matter how difficult you find it – paying attention to the essential fire safety tips for landlords is a must. You have to make sure your tenants have all the necessary tools at their disposal, such as fire alarms and extinguishers. Moreover, you need to rent out a property that is in perfect shape and isn’t a hazard itself. You must admit that all the work and stress pay off when you get that extra income every month.

If you’re buying or selling your home, let’s face it – you’re doing something deeply personal. That’s why you don’t want to do business with people you’re unsure of. And as you’ll soon see – there are so many real estate agents out there, more than you’d believe. Obviously, not all of them have your best interest at heart. Which is why it’s important to know whether you can trust your real estate agent. After all, investing in real estate isn’t cheap. In that situation, you only want to hire the best real estate agency. Don’t worry though – we’ve got some tips for you on this very topic!

Why Can’t You Always Trust Your Real Estate Agent?

Okay, before we get into all the telltale signs of a dishonest real estate agent, let’s first ask one simple question – why? As in, why are realtors sometimes not completely honest about their dealings, or about your deal in particular? Well, at the end of the day, the answer is simple – they’re salespeople. In essence, real estate agents only earn money if a deal goes through. So, obviously – they’ve got a vested interest in you buying or selling property, regardless of your own interests.

But that doesn’t mean that all real estate agents pursue this profit-only route – there are plenty of honest and well-meaning realtors out there. All you have to do is find them, and that shouldn’t be difficult; in reality, honest people are the ones who get the most sales. Because whatever scam you’re trying to pull, or information to withhold – sooner or later, you’ll be pegged as a liar. Which is why you shouldn’t wonder if you can trust your real estate agent – you should wonder which one you can trust.

A red and white ‘open house’ sign on a lawn.
Remember – always selling a house is in the realtor’s interest!

Find Out Their Track Record

Luckily for you, finding information on any realtor isn’t that difficult at all. You just need to know what you’re looking for – and where. For one, you can find out what the real estate agent’s past work record is like. Or in other words, you can see if they have been honest about their professional experience and success.

For example, some of them may claim to be property management experts – and yet the reality may be vastly different. This is really important because if they’re telling the truth about themselves, that probably means you can trust your real estate agent. And sure – many people can misrepresent their professional experience to make themselves look better. We’ve all certainly done it in job interviews. But still, there’s a difference between a little boasting and outright hyperbole – and you’ll recognize it.

A closeup of a key in a lock of a front door.
Find information on realtors to know if you can trust your real estate agent!

Where to look?

As we’ve mentioned, you should definitely do your homework before you spend money on a home and start looking for different moving services that can come in handy. But the real question is – where do you look for this information? If you ask us – looking through the MLS database is a good idea. So, what’s MLS? Well, that stands for multiple listings service – and it’s basically a database of every piece of property handled by a real estate agent during a sale. And sure, you’re looking for background info on the realtors themselves – but you can see anyone’s track record on MLS.

There’s a catch, though – only the real estate agents themselves and other people associated professionally can access the database. But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to get the information – just ask another realtor to take a look for you. Seeing as they’re in competition, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding someone willing to print out the info for you.

What Should You Pay Attention To?

Now that you’ve got all this information, the next dilemma is – what should you specifically look for? This one isn’t too difficult – just remember all of the things your real estate agent has claimed about themselves. If what they’re saying is true, then you can definitely trust your real estate agent. For example:

  • The volume of sales – Maybe your real estate agent has boasted about the number of homes they’ve sold recently. Well, now you can make sure that you can trust your real estate agent by checking this number. If it’s lower than they’ve claimed, you’ve got a dishonest realtor puffing up their score.
  • The prices – Another important piece of information are the prices. Find out for how much they’ve sold homes. And if they’ve been truthful about this, then you can definitely buy a home with them and start looking for trustworthy movers like
  • The locations – Many realtors claim to have expertise in a certain type of real estate, like luxury homes or apartment buildings, or a specific location. Well, now you can check if they’ve really done a lot of business in those areas.


So, in essence – there are definitely ways to check if you can trust your real estate agent. One mistake you definitely shouldn’t make is taking anyone’s word for granted. Find out more about your realtor, and then you’ll know if they are truly trustworthy. Otherwise, finding a new real estate agent is a better option than working with someone you can’t really trust. After all, spending money on real estate is no joke – and the real estate business can be risky if not handled by the right people.

A big suburban home with brick tiles.
Make sure you do your homework before investing in an expensive home!

In today’s real estate market, you need to make decisions backed by accurate data and effective strategies. While buying or selling a property without professional assistance you can end up paying more or get deprived of the return on investment. This is where a real estate agent comes into the scene. Experienced real estate agents can manage all your real estate needs in a hassle-free manner so that you can just sit back and relax.

As a reputed and trusted real estate agency in Australia, Vogue Real Estate have decades of experience in helping people to get the best deals when buying, selling or renting a property. We keep ourselves updated on the current market trends to help you buy or sell a property at the right price.

Here we have put together the top 5 reasons why you need to hire a real estate agency when buying or selling a property.

In-Depth Market Research and Extensive Knowledge of the Real Estate Market

A reputed real estate agency in Australia will not only offer expert advice but also provide you with accurate market information to help you make the right decisions while buying or selling a property.

At Vogue Real Estate, we have extensive knowledge about the buying and selling procedures in today’s real estate market. Our real estate agents are fully trained and they not only have accurate knowledge of the local markets but also conduct in-depth market research so that you can achieve your real estate goals.

Stress-Free Buying and Renting

The real estate market is always changing with every passing day and without professional assistance, buying or renting a property could turn out to be a stressful experience. Our licensed and highly professional real estate agents conduct a planning session to understand your needs and property search criteria. Using our database loaded with accurate market data and our widespread network, we shortlist the best property options available. As the leading real estate agency in Australia, we keep you in the loop throughout the entire buying or renting process – from property shortlisting, property viewings and price negotiations to legal paperwork, settlement, rental agreements and more.

Advanced Marketing Methods and Hassle-Free Selling and Letting

Are you looking to sell your property or searching for tenants? The first and foremost factor to keep in mind is how you are marketing the property. Only a real estate agency uses the best marketing methods to not only reach out to potential buyers and tenants but also to increase the value of your property. At Vogue Real Estate, our highly efficient real estate agents use a wide range of marketing methods including online marketing tools, print ads and other highly effective mediums to deliver quickest possible closings. Our agents do everything possible to facilitate hassle-free selling and letting. We do everything in a systematic and stress-free manner – from managing property viewings, tenant screening and rent collection to legal documentation, price negotiation and more.

Professional Price Negotiation

Whether you are buying, selling, renting or letting a property, negotiating the price plays a pivotal role in the entire process. Real estate agencies have the data and knowledge to determine the correct value of a house or a commercial property. At Vogue Real Estate, we take full control of the price negotiation process so that you either receive a higher return on investment when selling or the best deal when buying a new house. Our agents have rich expertise in price negotiation and have developed highly effective strategies to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Taking Care of all the Paperwork

While buying or selling a property, you can get caught up in legal hassles if the legal documentation and other paperwork are not managed properly. When you hire our real estate agency in Australia, you will have peace of mind knowing that our agents give special attention to every minute detail while managing the legal paperwork for you. This will not only facilitate a quick settlement but also make sure that you have nothing to worry about.

The above-mentioned points make it very clear why you need to take help from a real estate agency while buying or selling a property.

Are you planning to purchase or sell your property in Castle Hill? Do you need a good and reliable real estate agent? Are you worried that you will not find the right one for you? In this blog, we will discuss a few points that you should take careful consideration into, while choosing the right agent.

1.Local expertise

According to studies conducted by GFK (Gesellschaft Fur Konsumforschung) around 58% of Australians purchase their homes within 5 km of their current home radius. While 91% of them looks to invest in a home that is within 40 km radius of their current home. The reason for using this statistics is quite simple. Choose an agent that has in-depth knowledge of the local area and neighborhood.

Your agent should be aware of the upcoming events and constructions, specialty and heritage of the particular area that will help them add value to your property and help it sell at a better price towards the prospective clients. Because let’s admit it, your property is not the only one that will be in the offerings. There will be other properties on contention to be sold too. The competitors as well as the buyers will be fully informed about the market and a poorly informed agent will make the matter worse for you.

2.Fully aware of the market

Generally, agents have access to a wealth of property and market data such as institutions, transportation facilities, demographics and the kind of buyers searching for home in that locality.

These data can help them gain information and stay informed about the situation around the locality and the market. When selling a property, these knowledge can be invaluable as it will help them fix the right time and price for your property. A real estate agency in Castle Hill should be fully aware of the market data to help facilitate the price and selling of your house quickly and profitably.

3.Can instantly make you comfortable

Even though you are dealing with professionals, it is important to feel comfortable with your agent. Both you and your agent needs to be very honest during the selling process and so you need to ensure that you feel comfortable with your agent to maintain an open and honest communication.

If you cannot open up to your agent comfortably, it will be difficult to discuss your needs and wants. Poor communication will eventually, result in an unsatisfying outcome and a poor deal.

4.Innovative promotional strategies

We are living in an era where promotion and advertisements are must. Visual inspection is one of the best ways to provide a clear picture about the properties that are up for sale. This includes photography and professional videos.

You should ask your agent to use video options in your marketing packages to help [provide an edge against the other competitors who are also planning to sell their properties.

Good pictures and videos will help showcase the unique features of your house and properties to attract potential buyers easily and increase the chances of sale.

5.Referrals matter a lot

Despite the fact that it has become easier to search for homes due to the advancements in technology, your real-estate agency in Castle Hill is still operated by human that are susceptible to mistakes. It is best to collect referrals from their clients before deciding on the one that is reliable and suitable to your needs.

There is nothing bigger than receiving compliments from a past client. Talk to other homeowners who are aware of the real estate and are willing to recommend them to you. If you want to purchase or sell a property in a locality, there will always be local experts available in that area.