Property Management Castle Hill


We at Vogue Real Estate pride ourselves on providing exceptional property management services to our clients in Castle Hill and the wider Hills District. With over ten years’ experience in property management in the area, you can feel confident that your property is in great hands.

Our Property Management Services

Vogue Real Estate uses reliable property management systems to ensure we are able to provide the most reliable, professional and comprehensive real estate property management services possible.

We build great relationships with property owners and deliver quality services across all aspects of the property management process. We also build great relationships with tenants and strive to match only high quality tenants with properties to achieve the best possible property investment outcomes.

We understand you have worked hard to own your investment property so we offer the assistance you need to maximise growth while providing you with a steady year-round income.

At Vogue Real Estate, we deliberately manage only an exclusive number of rental properties at any given time so we can provide your property with the focus and attention it needs to reach its potential. Our experienced team and custom designed property management systems and procedures have proven to consistently maximise returns for our rental property investors.

Castle Hill & The Hills District

Castle Hill is a thriving suburb nestled in the beautiful Hills District, located about 30 km from Sydney’s CBD. It is unique in providing access to both the city and the country from its excellent location in Sydney’s north-west.

Castle Hill is a popular suburb for city commuters, families, young professionals and retirees. Many choose the Hills for the tranquility it offers, with its abundance of greenery, trees and parks. Castle Hill provides plenty of amenities, excellent schools, restaurants, and a thriving business park. There is also plenty of entertainment on offer. Castle Towers is a major drawcard for shoppers, with several department stores, boutiques, fresh food stores and two cinemas.

Furthermore, transport is set to become easier than ever, with two new train stations under construction in Castle Hill, and many more throughout the Hills as part of the Sydney Metro Northwest. Also, there is a great bus service available. Overall, it’s clear to see why properties in the Hills are so highly valued and sought after.


A Simple Guide To Buying Your First Home

With the downturn that the economy has undergone, the experience of buying your first home has seemed to have transformed from a smart investment full of hope for the future into a scary and perilous financial risk. However it doesn’t have to be! With some smart decisions and a little knowledge of the world of real estate, buying a home can still be a great investment.

Buying a home is a process, and like any other journey, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you reach your goal safely and successfully.


The first step when it comes to buying your first home is figuring out what your budget it. One of the biggest and most common mistakes first time homeowners make is buying a home that is beyond their means. While splurging on that 4 bedroom home may seem like it is worth stretching your monthly income, all it would take is one unexpected major expense to cause a cascading financial avalanche that can ruin your credit and cost you your home.

Before you start looking at actual homes, you should find and meet with a lender. They will be able to help you figure out your budget, including how much money you will need up front for a down payment and closing costs. If you qualify, there are also some government programs that can help you get into your first home with a low interest first time buyer loan.

Finding The Home Of Your Dreams

Once you have gotten your finances in order and have established a budget, the fun begins! Before you set out to look at homes, sit down and decide what features your new home must have. There are hundreds of homes on the market in any given area, so knowing what you want can help narrow down the list considerably.

The next decision you will need to make is location. If you have children, you will want to check the schools in the area of any home you consider, as well as the amount of crime present. In addition, find out if certain areas are prone to natural disasters, especially flooding. A home on a floodplain may seem like a bargain until you find out the cost of insuring it.

Once you have the criteria and location narrowed down for your new home, it is time to get professional help. A good realtor will be your greatest asset as you search for your new home. Ask your family or friends if they have anybody they can recommend. Since you have already narrowed down what you are looking for in a home, your realtor will be able to target specific homes that are a good fit for you and your family.