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Selling home for the first time all by yourself can be a stressful experience. You have to constantly juggle the pressure of finding a suitable home at the right price as well as finding a potential buyer at the right time. Selling a home is all about maximising the profit potential and is quite different from purchasing one, the latter involves emotions and feelings. Here are some tips that can help a first-time seller maximise their profit when selling a home.

Real Estate Agency Tips #1: Accurate pricing

In order to sell a house, you need to price them accurately. For that you need to associate yourself with a reputed professional real estate agency in your Castle Hill neighbourhood. You will get a better result if you pick an experienced agency that sells a fair number of listings and that too preferably in your locality.

Your hired agent will analyse comparable sales and prepare an estimated value known as comparative market analysis (CMA). Due to their profound knowledge and experience in this filed, they will be able to offer you with a more accurate opinion of value.

Real Estate Agency Tips #2: Home improvement

Before selling a house, it is essential to prepare it well enough for the buyers to stay interested. Removing certain furniture, paint jobs to make it look fresh and new and damages and dings in the woodwork and walls may reflect a home with deferred maintenance. All these small but conspicuous things can easily ruin the image of your home and turn the potential buyers away. An experienced and professional real estate agency in Castle Hill will be able to guide you forward with the best maintenance advices to help you sell the house at the right price and time.

Real Estate Agency Tips #3: Home showings

Home showing is one of the best ways to help a potential buyer make up their mind about purchasing your home. You need to be flexible with the exhibition. If you find this process annoying, you could go away from your home for the first weekend while it is on the market. It might be a bit invasive to allow strangers to tour through your houses and check-out all your private spaces however, this is the best way to sell your home and confirm the best value. You can opt to stay out of the house when your buyer’s agent shows up to check your home. Whatever you speak will and can be used against you.

Real Estate Agency Tips #4: Professional Photography

Before listing your house on the local directory, it is best to discuss with your real estate agency to hire professional photographers to take some amazing photos that easily grabs the attention of the buyers and motivates them to inspect the house. When you are working with a top-notch listing agent, you agent will provide professional photos. However, a quality photographer can add the right mix, colour and angle to photos with rich colour and depth to tempt the customers to perceive the home as elegant and classy and worth the value asked for. A virtual approval is the initial step towards communication.

Real Estate Agency Tips #5: Listing accuracy

Once your home is listed in all the websites, you should inspect them to make sure all the information provided are accurate. Although, the agency will try to portray as much accurate information as possible however, it is your home and so you should know more about all the minor and major details on each nook and corner that might be present at your home. Immediately contact your real estate agency in Castlehill and ask to include or skip information.

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